Stay Pitted Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Getting barreled in a wave. We'd say it's a feeling you can't explain, but a wise man once said, "Aw brah it's just like, you just get the best barrels ever dude. You come in and get spit righttt out. Just drop in and smack the lip, wah BAH, just drop back in like BAHHHH, just ride the barrel and get pitted, sooo pitted like THAT."

A classic t-shirt with a great fit that's tailor-made for active youth who need to study one moment, and get into gnarly adventures the next.

• 100% jersey cotton
• Durable ribbed neckband
• Unisex

Size guide

  8YRS 10YRS 12YRS
Height (inches) 48-50 51-54 55-59
Chest (inches) 26 27 28